Lolita Coord Challenge: 2 Styles, 2 Ways

Kawaii Coord Ideas with Modcloth

So you’ve gone through all the trouble of procuring your dream loli dress. Now what? Who says you have to go through the hassle of translating websites, scouring forums, ordering via e-mail and paying extra shipping for the rest of your ensemble.

Thanks to Modcloth–curators of cute–everything you need to accessorize your one piece or jsk can be found right in our backyard (America, that is.) So while we eagerly await the grand re-opening of Tokyo Rebel and the New York debut of BSSB, here’s a look at how easy it is to assemble some summer lolita coords. Be you more classic or country, you’ve got all the options.

Lolita 2 Ways: Country & Classic

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