The Legend of Zelda Mani

In honor of Retro Video Game Month here at Geek Girl Brunch, I’ve decided to tackle one of the world’s most beloved franchises: The Legend of Zelda. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have the cutest mani in all of Hyrule. All you’ll need is gold and black polish, a top coat, a small detail brush, and some vases to break for ambience (the last bit is optional).

Step 1: 

Start with a gold base. Shimmery, metallic, glitter . . . up to you.

Step 2: 

On your accent nail, draw a large triangle in black. You can do this freehand or with tape. I did it freehand.

Step 3: 

Within the large triangle, draw a smaller, upside down triangle. This is your Triforce outline. Fill in the areas within the center of the Triforce and outside of it with a small brush and the black polish.

Step 4:

You can keep the rest of your nails gold (or black!) but I decided to jazz it up with a black swoop using the brush that came with the bottle, sort of like a diagonal French manicure. Again, you can do this freehand or with tape to create a straight line. If you use tape, be sure that the base color is bone dry and that you peel it off while the black polish is still wet.

Step 5: 

Finish it off with a clear top coat and be the envy of your friends.

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