GGB DC- Candyland Over Tea Brunch

10943038_1542006089383234_7887974971853192650_nTea, geek girls and Candy….oh my!

10685535_1542032252713951_6358888383460821064_nDespite the rainy, cold weather, Geek Girl Brunch DC‘s launch brunch was a hit! The location, Teasim, provided a nice warm environment and a great space for geeky ladies to connect and laugh their afternoon away over great food and drinks. If we count the amount of waffles, french toast and eggs ordered it would be a secret number we can’t tell you, but trust us it was good!

Along with great food and drinks, was just perfect company. From ladies in petticoats to ladies in peppermint, the brunchettes who showed up from near and far (seriously brunchettes, thanks for making that commute!) were spectacularly dressed in themes of candy or sweets and yummy goodies from head to toe. Fashion-wise it is unanimous that DC brunchettes were delicious.


We relearned how to play Candyland and had great conversation ranging from comics, Sailor Moon, a quick drop into hentai-ville and back to comics and Marvel movies. It was a geek-tastic brunch with ladies from so many different backgrounds and great perspectives. It was an experience worth coming out in the rain to sit and bask around smart, amazing ladies with a love of candy filled goodies bags and a passion for the nerdy.





All the officers are more thankful for all the ladies who came out. We hope to see you again (and many more) at our next brunch!

16504_1542006029383240_483473388762339908_n 10942760_1542006112716565_8521809050803981292_n


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