GGB DC- RPG Heroes Brunch


Suit up, and ship out heroes: It’s time for brunch!

After being delayed a month by old Mother Nature and her nasty habit of dropping snow this year, we were finally able to have our second brunch! We decided to go with the theme we had selected for February since we had already put so much time into it. Our theme of RPG Heroes also allowed for an excellent variety of characters to make an appearance. Anyone from Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy XII to any of the 718 would be an excellent choice for a guest appearance! Continue reading


GGB Kaiserslautern- Space Adventurer Brunch


Kaiserslautern’s second brunch was held on March 21st and our theme was Space Adventurer! It’s safe to say that almost all geek girls love space and sci-fi, so we wanted to celebrate our favorite Space Adventurers! We were thrilled to have so many new brunchettes attend. Continue reading

GGBNYC – Studio Ghibli Brunch

Studio-Ghibli-logoSpirited Away to Brooklyn for a Miyazaki-Worthy Culinary Adventure

 February 28th, Do or Dine. We “ooohed”. We “aaaahhhed.” We ATE EEEEVERYTHING! Continue reading

GGB Kaiserslautern- Magical Girl Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Kaiserslautern is the first international chapter! We’re hoping there will be more in the future and the European chapters can plan a get together. For our launch, we choose the Magical Girl theme. Why? Because there is nothing like having a big opener with the message that we are not damsels, we can save ourselves! We’re all magical girls right? Plus, most of us started our geeky awakening with Sailor Moon. It only seemed fitting.

Our brunch location took place at Sam Kullman’s Diner in Kaiserslautern and it did not disappoint. It was the cutest 50’s style diner and the breakfast was really, really good. It made some of us homesick in a good way. Good ol’ American style breakfast – oh and did we mention they had awesome milkshakes and alcoholic coffee? Yeah…score!

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GGB NYC – Brunch Like Batgirl


The Geek Girl Brunch – NYC Chapter had their DC Comics themed brunch this past Saturday and HOLY TONS OF GEEK GIRLS BATMAN! We had such an amazing time with you all! Thank you for coming! This was GGB NYC’s biggest brunch to date with more than 60 attendees! We are so grateful and proud that GGB is helping making IRL connections for so many Geek Girls! Many thanks to everyone who made this DC Comics themed brunch possible. A custom illustration from Cameron Stewart (squeee!) kicked us off; and we had an awesome Sponsor and a great venue for brunch! Absolutely one of the best brunches yet! We can’t wait to see what else awaits us in 2015! Read on after the cut for deets on our brunch Sponsor – Forbidden Planet (!!!!), the Venue – Playwright Irish Pub, the amazing Etsy sellers who gifted the brunchettes with stylish and fun accessories, and some surprise swag from Warner Bros!

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GGB DC- Candyland Over Tea Brunch

10943038_1542006089383234_7887974971853192650_nTea, geek girls and Candy….oh my!

10685535_1542032252713951_6358888383460821064_nDespite the rainy, cold weather, Geek Girl Brunch DC‘s launch brunch was a hit! The location, Teasim, provided a nice warm environment and a great space for geeky ladies to connect and laugh their afternoon away over great food and drinks. If we count the amount of waffles, french toast and eggs ordered it would be a secret number we can’t tell you, but trust us it was good! Continue reading

Brunch 9 From Outer Space


Princess Leia, Leeloo and Barbarella walk into a bar…

We’re back from Brunch 9 From Outer Space!

Geek Girl Brunch transformed the Bell House in Brooklyn into our very own Space Cantina to throw a cocktail brunch party to open the epic Wasabassco 10th Anniversary Show!

Wasabassco is a great friend of Geek Girl Brunch and we’re all huge fans of their amazing, hilarious, often geeky and always “brilltarded” burlesque. What better way to celebrate November than with good friends, mimosas and geekery? Brunch 9 From Outer Space was the kick off to the incredible night of Wasabassco burlesque!

With help from the folks at Film Biz Recycling and Prop Shop we decorated with a decidedly SciFi flair! Wasa10th attendees were treated to a solar spread, including fresh baked bagels and pastries from La Bagel Delight and tasty scones, breakfast sandwiches and cider from Kiwiana! Grapefruit mimosas flowed from the bar and we observed many enterprising attendees purchasing shots to add to their ciders!

We set the mood during the cocktail hour by projecting Barbarella on stage, as the always well-dressed Wasabassco crowd nibbled and noshed waiting for the galactic-sized show to begin.

Wasabassco fans are like a big supportive family and many of them sport special pins that mark them as Agents of Wasabassco. Much of the Brunch 9 crowd was full of these lovely agents and it made Brunch 9 feel like a bit of home amongst the stars. In order to mix with the style of the crowd and the theme of the event the GGB co-founders dropped their everyday looks for decidedly more iconic personas!

Attendees enjoyed space-themed swag from SV Charms (amazing laser cut planetary necklaces), Boutique Academia (Space-themed jewelry) Zombie Jester Creations (cleverly repurposed comic art jewelry), mermaid says (Lego Star Wars jewelry) WineMakers Sister (TARDIS keychains for Timelords, obviously), and NextLife Toys (super cute Lego-style accessories)! The swag table was a busy place for delighted guests already excited about the tasty treats!

We were also delighted to see some awesome vendors on site. Our brunchette Melissa set up her shop Cool Geek Madness offering geeky jewelry and bow ties for ladies and gents. We all walked away from brunchette Jessica‘s Bat-Errang Jewelry table with punny bracelets. She was also vending for Booty and the Geek; an awesome geek clothing shop owned and operated by the evening’s first performer, Magdalena Fox!

Once cocktail brunch hour was over we all eagerly gathered to see the opening act, a very Geek Girl Brunch style number by Mags! She wowed us all with her haunting and powerful Amidala! Dancing to Bjork has never made more sense. Mags is clearly a brilliant costumer (her costume lit up!), and for those of us who wanted to take home some of her work we got to run back to the Booty and the Geek table to snag some pieces.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our little space cantina amongst the stars! Brunch 9 was a ton of fun! And of course, happy 10th Anniversary to Wasabassco!

Fan Girls’ Night Out

FGNO Banner

Fan Girls’ Night Out was amazing!!! We’ve heard from many of you that it was “the best party at Con” and we could not be more happy that everyone had such a great time! Many many thanks must go to our Sponsors, our Special Guests (our Surprise Guests), our INCREDIBLE cake makers at Anna Artuso Pastry, our Venue, Latitude Bar and its amazing staff, our DJs, our photographer and everyone else that helped us behind the scenes! So many thank yous! We could not have pulled off FGNO without you!


When we decided to throw a party during New York Comic Con it was because we wanted to extend the safe and enthusiastic space we create at our Brunches to NYCC, an event that for many of our brunchettes and fellow geek girls is a yearly highlight. We had to have a presence there and we knew we wanted to throw a party. We could never have guessed that so many people would want to help us along the way and that so many of you would attend! Sure, we worked hard to fill the venue with guests and prizes but there is no party if no one shows up. Thank you to all of you who came to FGNO. We hope you had fun! If you walked through the door you were greeted by our staff of Brunchette volunteers and very probably one of us too. While you enjoyed our menu of themed drinks, danced to the stylings of DJ Millz and DJ Clean and chatted with new friends and our guests we want you to know that we never stopped working that night and we did it for you. Thank you!

The official list of sponsors is long and full of rockstars! We at Geek Girl Brunch and the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club would like to thank

ReedPop, Valiant Comics, Anna Artuso’s Pastry Shop, Geeks for CONsent, Press Any Key Podcast, Zen Monkey Studios, The Geekerie, Geekilicious, SacGeek, Costume Super Center, Stephen Pitalobethydesigns,, Small Things for Sale, Night’s Requiem, Artcessories by Dakota, Paige Lavoie of Pumpkin Spiced, Treno Nights, The 42nd Seal, Liliannamarie Designs, Word to Your Unicorn, Comic Salvage, Crafted Owl and every volunteer!!!

The Venue was Latitude Bar and Grill

Latitude BarWe’re reserving our place for FGNO at Latitude next year. They should be called Latitude: Awesome & Epic. We were all stressy balls of stress and panic leading up to and at some points during the party. But the amazing Alyssa, Jonathan, fantastic and sexy bartenders Julian and Kaitlin, really help calm us the f**k down and ensured things were taken care of and ran as smoothly as possible. Amazing, amazing staff. And a beautiful space. We do hope our guests listened to our repeated announcements to make it rain on the bartenders. And you at home reading this now… you do that too. TIP YOUR BARTENDERS.

The Drinks

fgnomenuAlyssa, Latitude’s event planner is a goddess! A brilliant, geeky goddess who totally understood our vision, being a Harry Potter fanatic geek girl herself. We were incredibly lucky and after our initial meeting at the venue, we knew we were in good hands. We had ideas for New York Comic Con themed drinks inspired by female characters from all genres and she got her geekiest bartenders on it. And an in house graphic designer too. The result? An expertly put together cocktail menu, that really reflected the spirit of NYCC and FGNO.


Portal themed cupcakes and cakes from Anna Artuso PastryHOLY CRAP the incredible, ridiculous, amazing, gorgeous, geeky cakes from Anna Artuso’s Pastry Shop! We could not have been more fortunate to have come across a family of geeky bakers! At an enormous scale, the cakes were serious show pieces. RJ took time from baking wedding cakes to build our massive geeky showstoppers. And that’s not all. In addition to looking amazing and bringing tears to our eyes, they tasted incredible! The replica cake from the end of Portal was a rich, moist Black Forest. The model Companion Cube was seasonally flavored with pumpkin spiced buttercream frosting, and the accompanying orange and blue portal cupcakes? Orange Blossom and Blue Velvet, respectively. We will be dreaming about cake for ages to come. If you’re a geek, and even if you’re not, and you want to work with bakers that will go above and beyond for you, you have to use Anna Artuso’s. They really are that good.

The DJs

Ruled. We’ll be seeing them again. Shout out to DJ Millz and DJ Clean! Samus was twerking. That happened. That was because of you.


The Photographer

Gleb Perevertailo of was a last minute addition to FGNO. Crisis averted! Superhero moment! He was amazing, weaving amongst the attendees and guests getting candid shots and cosplay portraits.

Please check out all the incredible photos of the night over at our facebook page!


We had a lot of favorite moments!

Hannah-When the cakes arrived we may have cried.

-FGNO marks the first time the entire Geek Girl Brunch crew has been in the same place at the same time!

-Looking at the dance floor to see a ton of happy geeks including a twerking Samus!

-Raffling off almost too many prizes! And surprise prizes! And the looks on our winners faces as they were handed their prizes by our Special Guests! Star struck!

IMG_6196-Rat Queens and Iron Born manning the door

-Surprise bonus special guest: Roc Upchurch in the house! It was pretty awesome seeing Hannah party with her creator.

-Lex Luthor and Bizzaro hit the dancefloor towards the end. And one by one, our very special guests joined us in front of the crowd to give away some incredibly special prizes.

-One of our sponsors, Mike of PAK Podcast took to the mic to bare the majority of the MCing load.


The Special Guests

IMG_6456Our guests ran the geek/pop culture gamut. Comics, cosplay, YA lit, anime.. we even had a few extra surprise comics guests. Special comic guest Steve Scott, best known for his work on Batman, pre new 52, and the widely circulated concept art for Batfleck, and currently working on Judge Dredd, invited along his friend, the brilliant Rodney Ramos, of Transmetropolitan fame! He even surprised us with a bonus raffle item: a beautiful Catwoman watercolor. I hope the winner is aware of just how special that prize is. Funnily enough, he’d also worked on some issues of Rai  for Valiant comics, our sponsor! Thanks to BB Heart, Brooklyn burlesque star and ultimate Hannah cosplayer, Rat Queens artist and co-creator Roc Upchurch, also made a surprise appearance (If you cosplay (like a bawse) he will come)!  Cosplay Queen Chubear could be seen on the dance floor with Burlesque beauty and Samus-costumed Dangrrr Doll! At the bar guests chatted up NYTimes bestselling author of Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige and voice actress Amanda Goodman (Revolutionary Girl Utena fans were definitely in the house!)  It was a pretty surreal night for us, surrounded by all these talented folks!

The Raffle

IMG_6564We gave away everything but the kitchen sink. Hell, we gave away things that weren’t even physically there. And then we gave away things that magically appeared! Winners walked away with incredible art, hand-made cuteness, coveted rainy weather gear, autographed EVERYTHING and more!

Please tag yourself and your friends in the pictures! Tag us on twitter and instagram to show off your #FGNO loot! Tell us your #FGNO stories in the comments! Thank you so much for coming! We hope you had a blast!



Retro Games Brunch


It was an overcast day in Brooklyn on the morning of Retro Games Brunch but the lights of the arcade games lining the walls of Barcade were a siren call to our Brunchettes for a Fall afternoon indoors!

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Marvel Brunch


S.H.I.E.L.D. called and we assembled… for brunch! Each brunch gets bigger and better. This month we had 29 brunchettes attend! Finding a brunch place that can fit 29 geek girls wasn’t the easiest, but Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen accepted the challenge. We have to thank Doris from Southern Hospitality for helping us orchestrate such an amazing event (and never once complaining about all of our emails).

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