Geek Girl Brunch is international! We have GGB Chapters all over the world and launch new ones throughout the year. If your city doesn’t have a chapter yet don’t worry! You can Join GGB to find out when one opens up in your area. Or if you want to play a bigger role in GGB and become an officer and help launch a chapter in your city email us at New chapter registration is open during the months of April, July and November.

Visit the individual chapter pages by clicking on the city!

United States

Albuquerque, NM*^- Launch TBD
Atlanta, GA – April 2015
Austin, TX – May 2015
Bakersfield, CA – August 2015
Belleville, IL^ – Launch TBD
Birmingham, AL^- Launch TBD
Chicago, IL – June 2015
Cleveland, OH – May 2015
Colorado Springs, CO*^- Launch TBD
Dallas, TX – June 2015
Denver, CO^- Launch TBD
Fort Wayne, IN^*- Launch TBD
Greenville, SC^*Launch TBD
Knoxville, TN^- Launch TBD
Lexington, KY (Central Kentucky)^*- Launch TBD
Los Angeles, CA – April 2015
Miami, FL – April 2015
New York, NY
Orlando, FL – July 2015
Pensacola, FL^- Launch TBD
Philadelphia, PA – June 2015
Portland, OR – May 2015
Salt Lake City, UT*^– Launch TBD
Tampa, FL*^- Launch TBD
Trenton, NJ*^- Launch TBD
Quad Cities, IA/IL^* – Launch TBD
Washington, D.C. 


Montreal – May 2015
Toronto, GTA & Niagara Region – May 2015

The Caribbean Islands

Portsmouth, Dominica – July 2015


Copenhagen, Denmark^- Launch TBD
Kaiserslautern, Germany

The United Kingdom

Liverpool, England*^- Launch TBD

*Seeking more Officers

^ Chapter page coming soon!


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