Montreal, Canada

8bit-drinks-MTL_small Welcome to the Montreal Chapter page!

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Launching in May 2015, Date TBA

The Montreal Officers

Mariko ProfileMariko McDonald

Origin Story: Mariko is a blogger and owner of and co-founder of fledgling indie game studio Cardboard Utopia. She loves cats, comic books, video games, sci-fi and her husband, in that order. A life long geek and odd girl out, she has recently branched out into other geeky pastimes like cosplay and table top RPGs.

Geeky Top Ten: Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, kawaii, chiptune, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Portal, Saga, Rat Queens

Brunch Drink: Pomegranate Mimosa

Anime Boyfriend: Maes Hughes (but not really because that would mean he was cheating on his wife and his devotion to his family is one of his best traits, so really it’s an anime unrequited crush).



Jessy ProfileJessy Beaulieu

Origin Story: Jessy is a member of the pop culture podcast Les Mystérieux Étonnants and was a blogger for the defunct Sinistre Mag. Her favorite things include comic books, video games, horror movies, animals and k-pop. A woman of many passions, she is geeky to the bone, loves alternative hip-hop music, collect vinyl records, vhs movies and lego sets and is owner to a cat named Ryu.

Geeky Top Ten: Suikoden II, Doctor Who, Sandman, Saga, Old Man Logan, Batman, The Simpsons, Hellblazer, Rat Queens, Gotham Academy.

Brunch Drink: Beer (yup)

Favorite Doctor: 9


Les Mystérieux Étonnants; a weekly podcast about comic books and pop culture

gina profileGina Haraszti

Origin story: Gina is a filmmaker and artist. She is the co-founder of GAMERella, a game jam for women & minorities, and the co-director of Critical Hit, a summer game incubator. Gina is currently working on a web-documentary about Minecraft and a feature film about women geeks. She has an interest in science, online identity and East-Asian culture. She collects photo-booth pictures from Japan and fan art.

Geeky Top Ten: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Minecraft, Dota 2, Moomin, Adventure Time

Favorite Doctor: 4



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