New York City

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FEBRUARY 28TH, prepare to be Spirited Away to Brooklyn for a Grand Ghibli inspired culinary adventure.

This month’s #GhibliBrunchNYC is very much about the BRUNCH. Do or Dine‘s creative, Asian influenced food and focus on artistic expression is just the place for our Studio Ghibli themed brunch. Ladies in attendance will be dining on a magical Miyazaki-esque menu from the brilliant mind of Food Network star, Alton Brown protégée and fellow geek, Justin Warner!

Register to join on for a chance to join us on a whimsical culinary adventure led by a celebrity chef.


Be sure to sign up and join GGB if you haven’t. See you soon!


The NYC Officers


Co-Founder of GeekGirlBrunch, Omelet connoisseur, Superhero Stylist

Origin Story: After graduating from FIT with a bachelor’s in Women’s Sportswear, Yissel landed an internship abroad with renowned costume designer Edna Mode. Under her tutilage Yissel learned the all important rules to designing for superheroes: NO CAPES! Later she founded Fashion + Geekery, a love letter to high fashion and the geek worlds that inspire it. It was while working in Milan, she discovered just how far the New York City institution of brunch had spread. There was something to this eggs and booze thing that was bringing people together even across the pond.  But who could she talk to there about Harry Potter…?

Brunch Drink: Mimosas. Bonus if it’s an unexpected twist on one.

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Fables, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Portal, Play Station RPGs, Card Captor Sakura, Vogue

Anime Boyfriend: Julian Star




Co-Founder of GeekGirlBrunch, Sassy Sardaukar, Gozer Go-fer, Sith for Hire, Queen of Pyke

Origin Story: Rachel spent her formative years on the Death Star, a rising force in the minion pool who dreams of one day achieving her own evil lair of evil. Now she spends most of her time in Westeros rooting for the badguys at FireandLunch. When not plotting to take over the galaxy she can be found vacationing on Arrakis. (IRL she’s a blogger and cosplayer who buys an alarming amount of spandex and over analyzes her favorite shows. She loves talking cosplay shop, watching terrible action movies and lives in an apartment selected in no small part for its proximity to a Lego store.)

Geeky Top Ten: Star Wars, Dune, ASoIaF, Star Trek, Farscape, The Foreigner novels by CJ Cherryh, LOTR,  Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender and anything Miyazaki (but Nausicaa is her favorite).

Brunch Drink: Screwdrivers

Anime Boyfriend: Kyo Sohma



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