Atlanta, Georgia

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Next Brunch Date:


April 18th 2015

Theme: Sci-Fi, “Star Brunch”

Location: South City Kitchen Midtown

The Atlanta Officers


Officer, Conjurer of Designs, Photo Wizard & GMceleste

Origin Story: Celeste is a half-elf rogue who spends her nights slinking along rooftops and doing backflips. When she’s not up to no good, she enjoys tabletop role-playing games (particularly Pathfinder), cosplay, DIY projects, anime, and gobbling up any good new comics she can find. She is the co-founder and owner of, where she and her kaiju loving boyfriend blog about all of the above and pilot the jaeger, Horizon Voyager.

Geeky Top Ten: Steampunk, Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction, Tabletop RPG, cosplay, comic books, Pacific Rim, Fictional Cartography, Nana, Miyazaki films

Brunch Drink:  Mimosa

Anime Boyfriend: Kyoya Ootori



Officer, Dimensional Story Tellercheyenne

Origin Story: After awaking besides a river as an undead Nymph the nymph changed her named from Lycoris to Cheyenne and traveled to the world of the Mundanes to spread the word of the worlds that she came from, and also to help her home not make the same mistakes as the Mundanes. When she’s not trying get the word of her home at she finds her interests in cosplaying, sculpting, video gaming, anime, and working on her graphic novel with her fellow traveler Mira. She can be a little shy and hard to approach at first but is willing to share her geekiness with the world of the Mundanes.

Geeky Top Ten: Books (especially Fantasy), Metal Gear, Legend of Dragoon, Once Upon A Time, My Little Pony, anime, art, Sengoku Basara, Star Trek, and Star Wars

Brunch Drink:  Blackberry Mojito

Anime Boyfriend: Skeletor



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